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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How to Get Google Ads on My Blog

Google Ads, every blogger want's Google Adsense to be approve  and start earnings form Blog or Websites, but it's not easy but if we follow Google Policies we can achieve it and start earnings to our website, before we apply our website we  must know about Google Adsense, The Adsense is a Google advertising network that place sponsored ads into publishers, How to Make Money From Your Website 

Making money form our websites its huge Question to startup Bloggers but every thing is possible if you start work , We have many advertising sites like Google Adsense, Buy and Sell AdsInfo links and many more, but every one say's Google Adsense is best and people are earning lot of money form Google Ads and the Question is Y can't We and my answer is Yes We Can

Before you apply for Google Adsense, you must look on these things the website or blog have good content and the content should be more then 500 plus words and don't copy paste the content from other sites, don't use copyrighted images and the website or blog should be 1 month older

Use better Site Navigation and Site Map also, even my self disapproved many times form Google Adsense with these issues, once you apply to Google Adsense the Google will monetize you website and replay you with in 24 to 48 working hours,

the reason for disapproved your blog is few reasons only, may be your blog have less content , and it is against to Google policies and it could be Google Adsense Program Policies, if you follow these rules i am sure your Blog will be approve

During the Google review period time don't stop your articles postings, once your account is fully approved the Google send an conformation email to your email, now it is time to login into your Google Adsense account and create an new Ad units from My ads menu the ad units are represent the ads displayed in your website form here you can choose the ad size and ad Type, the ad Size is better to choose Responsive size now after complete the form click on save and get code button

after you will get a box with your ad code now copy the adcode and paste in your website or blog in your desired location once you place the adcode, it will take some time to display ads, in the time the white color space will appear at the place of you placed the ads, be patient it will appear soon.

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