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Friday, 13 December 2013

Learn AngularJS

Hi, today i am introducing AngularJS at lessoncup some people have already know about and some else don't know, what is this and what is the usage of AnugularJS, you find many tutorials if you start search but what i learn i am presenting this in simple and easy words to reach people easily. now the question is we found many JS frameworks in WEB WORLD and each framework has it's own and unique usage,

the AngularJS is developed at 2009 and slowly the usage is growing at 2012 to till, y people are adopting this framework,

the AngularJS is not library it is a Javascript framework the more advantage is we can extend the HTML into a more readable format, create effective UI development's, developed in complete MVC Architecture and no need to create any DOM manipulations , create dynamic applications , two way data-bindings, easy to test applications,

i am not telling AnugularJs framework suite for every WEB App it is depends on Requirement's we choose the Framework. i will give more lessons on this framework.. Thank you  


  1. I would like to learn Angular Js from your blog. I'm really appreciate for your work.. Waiting for the tutorials of Angular Js. God Blessed. Thankz

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  2. Keep it up. Cant wait angular lessons

  3. AjngularJs give you capability to create ONE PAGE APPLICATION. Also many things like factory, directives, controller, provider and a lot more is there.

    Just one thing which I dont like about it is no proper documentation of it, even not on the it's own website. in fact, this is developed by Google, and I am surprised why google is not giving some attention to make it proper documented.

    1. ya you are right.. i am also looking for that documentation.. but i couldn't found it even i am start working on this Framework ..

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  5. I was also looking for Angular JS understanding. Keep up the good work !

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