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Sunday, 24 November 2013

WordPress for Beginners

Hi, i got few requests from my readers and ask me to post few lessons on WordPress and in feature i will try to give lessons on CMS (Content Management System) and Frameworks, in today's the very largest CMS is WordPress and lots of people from small business to large scale business websites are building in WordPress, lets begin to start learning WordPress in simple way.


the WordPress is very easy to install, you can download from http://wordpress.org/download/
site, after download package unzip the folder and take the unzipped folder into wamp inside the www root folder, open the localhost and access the WordPress from browser, now you can see the error telling you to create the config file before you start.

you can create config file in two ways either you can create to click config  button but sometimes the automatic file creation doesn't work, else you can create manually by opening wp-config-sample.php file and give database details like database name, username, password  and save as the file wp-config.php

after clicking on  Create a configuration File later you will get a message like Welcome to WordPress. Before getting started, we need some information on the database. You will need to know the following items before proceeding. it means you should create the database before installation just create the database in localhost/phpmyadmin/ , all created tables will extract into the given database

in next step you will see the fields asking you to fill the details of database just enter the database name, username, password, and host name is localhost, and you can change the table prefix also the prefix is the name follow the every table name start with given prefix name. after done all things just click on submit button now you will see the success message and asking you to run the install button.

in nest step WordPress ask you to give the site title, username, password and email just give all fields and click on install WordPress. you are successfully installed the WordPress. now you can login  the WordPress admin with given username and password and mange the things from admin link
http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php and you can see the website form this link http://localhost/wordpress/

Customize Your Site

in admin panel you can see the button like customize your site just click on that, you can see the customizing panel with basic things, from left side of the panel we can see some features like 

site title and tagline :- we can give our website title and description
colors :- we can manage the header text colors
header image :- we can upload the custom designed header image
static front page :- we can manage the front page with displaying posts or static page 

Applying Themes 

we can easily manage the themes to our website by clicking on appearance -> themes from left side panel, the WordPress providing free and paid themes and you can easily install the available themes by clicking on install themes  before applying the theme you can see the live preview and easily activate the theme to your website.

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