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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

CSS Guide for Beginners - part 1

HI, today we are going know about CSS and CSS3, in previous session i was started Jquery lessons for beginners those who not started still you can just go through with this link jQuery Beginners Guide . now i am going to start CSS,CSS3 for beginners, i will try to write easy content to reach fast to my readers, let's start with the introduction of CSS.


before HTML 4 it is very difficult to style the html elements but afterwards the W3C solved this problem with a new invention of CSS, before going to learn we should know about few things about css.

Q) What is css ? A) CSS is using to style the html elements.

Q) Definition of css ? A) CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet

Q) How many types of css ? A) 3 types of css internal css, external css, inline css

Q) How many types to define a selector ? A) 3 types to define a selector class, ID, direct to html tag.

Internal CSS
internal css are write inside the head section of html document and this to be singe html page, by using <style> tag you can define a internal css.
//write some code here..

External CSS
External css are write in separate css file. you can change the view of entire web site by changing one file, every page should link to css file using <link> tag and this tag should be in head session. 
<link href='lessoncup.css' res='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Inline CSS
Inline css are write inside html tags using style attribute in the relevant tag and you can access any css property with style attribute.
<p style='color:red'>lesson cup programming blog.</p>

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