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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Hosting Files on Server

This tutorial help you to upload the website files on server, the uploading process is the last stage of website designing once you complete the designing or development process the complete website files need to be on server to online the website

we have many hosting services once you start finding like godaddy, bigrock and many you can find

The first thing is you need a Domain name for your website sometimes designers wont decide the domain name for website but it is better to decide the domain name before you start the website designing and one more thing is some developers buy the domain form one service and hosting buy from some other service Ex: domain from godaddy and hosting from Bigrock 

in this situation some startup developers face the problem because they don't know process how to attach the Name Servers, here i will give the solution were ever you buy the hosting you get NMS from your hosting provider just take the name servers

go the the domain control panel and attach the hosting NMS to Domain setting panel and it will start work after 24 to 48 hours

Now have a look on uploading process for this you must use FTP file transfer protocols we have many transfer tool like FTP CoreFtp FillZilla

Step 1
See the Bellow Image in first filed you can give your website name and second field you must give your domain name and other fields you must enter your hosting username and password ones you enter all fields click on connect button

Step 2
See the Bellow Image the bottom left side area you can find your PC drive location from there you can select your website files, in the right side area you can see the server location were you can see the folder tree in that find www root folder click on www folder to go inside the server location

Step 3
See the Bellow Image in the left side area you can see the selected folder which going to upload in the server which is located in the right side area to upload the folder or file you can see the arrow symbol showing right side just click on the button to upload the server


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