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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

WordPress for Beginners - Creating Menus, Posts and Pages

Hi, in my previous lesson on WordPress we had learn about installation WordPress, customizing the site and applying the themes to our website, now i am going to show you about how to create the navigation bar and how to link the pages to menus and posts, let's see how we do this.

Creating Menus

to creating menus just go to the appearance -> menus form right side of admin panel after clicking on you will get the settings of menus were you can manage the menus. just click on create a new menu button to create the menus. see the bellow image

after entering a menu name click on create menu button at left side of panel. now you can see the success message with a created menu and it will ask you to save the menu. the menu consider a set of menu items where all our menu and sub-menus will display.

Creating Pages

we have three options that is pages, links and a set a categories and we can easily add them to our created menu and manage the page with a parent menu or it is a sub page of parent sub menu. if you want to add a page to your created menu and display it as a menu in you website, first you need to create the pages from pages -> add new from right side of the admin panel. see the bellow image

in the form just enter your page title and page description in the given fields and click on publish button at left side of the corner, like this add required pages to your website.

Adding Pages to Menus

back to appearance -> menus,  in the menu panel you will see all you created pages in pages box select all pages and click on add to menu button, all the created pages will added to created menu after that just click on save menu button. see the bellow image

Creating Posts

to creating posts go to posts -> add new at left side of admin panel, you will get a form with the fields of title and description fill the both fields and click on publish button at right side of the corner. like this you can create unlimited posts.

if you want to display the created posts with in a category, go to appearance -> menus here you can see the categories panel select the category you find inside the panel and click on add menu button, now you can see the all posts in your website with a category name by clicking this name people can able to see your posts and able give comments.

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